The Litke Collection of Antique Tractors, Memorabilia and Equipment

Auction Live with Online Bidding

2-Day Auction July 23rd and 24th 10:00 AM

1373 Mustang Marion, KS 66861

Virgil Litke was one of the true pioneer collectors of our hobby. As a boy, he was always interested in mechanical things and history and in his 92 years, he always accumulated. He always knew the story behind each piece and took the time to educate his visitors on the old items and old ways. As a family man and a person of admirable faith, he always greeted you with a smile and a trip to one of his buildings. It didn't matter how many times you'd been there, you always saw something new and got to hear a new story! The days of these "old time" collections, down on the farm are waning. This won't be just an auction, it will be an event to come to! Put it on your calendar and we'll see you in Kansas!